G Kishan Reddy slams Congress leader, says Rahul can scarp farm laws in next life

5 October, 2020 | Rakshanda Afrin

Union minister G Kishan Reddy National

BJP leader G Kishan Reddy slams Congress leader, says Rahul Gandhi can scarp farm laws in next life. Further added these bills are in the favour of the farmers.

Slamming Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who is in Punjab to protest the new farm Acts, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs G Kishan Reddy on Monday said that if he wanted to scrap the laws, he could do so in “next life” as the farmer would not give him an opportunity in this. “The whole country knows who Rahul Gandhi is and what his cognitive capabilities are. The farmers will not give him an opportunity to scrap the farm laws and throw them in the dustbin. Not in this life. The farmers know it’s a good law.” said the BJP leader.

Rahul Gandhi has every right to tear the farm bills (opposition members has last month tore the Bills in Rajya Sabha) and throw them in a wastebasket. He can do so in his next life when he comes to power,” said Reddy. “But the people of India will not give Rahul Gandhi the chance to throw the bill. These bills are in the favour of the farmers,” he added.

He also alleged that the Congress is playing politics over Hathras case. “The accused must be punished severely and all parties must come together against this issue rather than just playing politics.” On actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case, Reddy said that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is doing its work and that he doesn’t want to misguide the ongoing probe.

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“As a minister of the Indian government, I would not like to present my views in this matter until the CBI probe is completed and a report published,” he added.

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