Saturday, December 9, 2023

G20 Summit Updates: Be a good host, leave your cars, use buses to reach G20 Venue: PM Narendra Modi to Ministers

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directed his council of ministers to use buses instead of their customary car convoys to travel to Bharat Mandapam in Pragati Maidan for the official G20 dinner scheduled for this Saturday in an effort to reduce inconvenience and improve the hosting experience for foreign dignitaries. This instruction was given during a council of ministers meeting that was called to discuss getting ready for the next leaders’ summit.

The strategy, according to one minister, is for ministers to congregate inside the Parliament building before boarding buses to travel to the location, ensuring a streamlined and effective arrival process.

With only a small window of time—roughly one to one and a half hours—to go from the summit to the dinner, it was decided to use buses. This changeover is anticipated to be made easier by using buses instead of separate ministerial convoys.

Concerns regarding the conduct of some security officers, who occasionally took detours to avoid the specified routes for ministers’ convoys, led to the issuance of this regulation.

The G20 app, a tool that may provide accurate translations when conversing with international visitors during the dining event, has also reportedly being requested to be downloaded by the ministers, it has been learnt. In fact, a number of ministers have already downloaded the app and used it to test out how well it translated the official tongues of the participating countries.

The necessity of being kind hosts and guaranteeing the comfort of international visitors was emphasised by Prime Minister Modi.

Additionally, he gave orders for all ministers to stay in Delhi for the duration of the summit, emphasising the commitment to a smooth and effective G20 summit.

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