Amazon organized a hardware event at its headquarters in Seattle, US on Wednesday, September 25. The tech giant announced that personal assistant, Alexa, will now have a new feature called neural text to speech model. The latest feature will make the model be more expressive and emotive. Amazon’s direct contest is with Google and Microsoft who have already launched the same featured devices in the market. But Amazon is a step ahead as its┬ácompetitor models lack the latest new techniques.

They further made the announcement that now Alexa will have the feature in which your echo can also sound like Samuel L.Jackson, too. Alexa will have the same technology and can now be able to mimic the voices of the celebrity and Samuel L. Jackson is going to be first for them and he will be the first celebrity using Neural text to speech in the updated version of Alexa.

Alexa will also have new additional voices which will be coming up in the next year but it won’t be there for free and would cost up to Rs 60 for each voice. They also said that it is not much of a cost to carry but will be a fun game and will make you more enjoy with the new voices and it does not lead you back to the days when GPS units had only one similar feature.

Amazon’s Dave Limp said the pace of innovation is incredible and what they can do with machine learning really never ceases to amaze him, he added that the same neural network technology now gives them a lot more flexibility now in Alexa voice and what they can do with it.

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