Apple announced a new iPad in its official event today. The device has a 10.2-inch retina display screen with a fast A10 Fusion chip which will have 2X faster performance than a high-priced PC. The new Apple iPad has Smart connector for the full-size smart keyboard. Users will get a floating keyboard and Apple Pencil support with the price starting from $329. The company will sell the device at $299 for users.

There was widespread speculation that Apple will bring a new iPad model in the market this year. But everyone thought that the company will announce their new tablet in mid-October as the company generally focus on phones and smartwatches in their September event. But the company announced the brand new seventh-generation iPad which is compatible with the first-generation apple pencil and the full-sized Smart Keyboard. It will also come with an A10 Fusion chip.A10 Fusion chip is a little less powerful than the A10X Fusion chip which is featured in second-generation iPad Pro. However, for the first time, Apple iPad’s enclosure has been made from 100 per cent recycled aluminium.

However, it is not quite clear what type of connector this device has, as its keeping the larger bezel design with Touch ID that recommends the device has a Lightning connector. Reports said the powerful and multitasking new iPad is available to order starting today and in stores starting Monday, September 30.

For the first time, the new Apple iPad supports the full-size Smart Keyboard and has nearly 3.5 million pixels and a wide viewing angle which makes it a vivid canvas for creative expression and immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences.

The device’s enhanced cameras and advanced sensors help it take crystal clear photographs.

The new Apple iPad is tough but weighs about one pound. Thanks to the anodised aluminium design technology. Apple engineers have used 100 per cent recycled aluminium to build the gadget but it retains the same strength, durability and beautiful finish as the aluminium in all Apple products.

The device supports Gigabit-class LTE connectivity that guarantees to deliver three times faster cellular data connections. Unlocking an iPad is as easy as it was earlier. Just use your finger and the Touch ID technology will help you open the iPad.

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