Apple termed monopolist by Spotify: The word war between Apple and Spotify is still going on. Spotify has said that Apple is a monopolist company and Apple has done nothing wrong according to their approach. As per the reports, Spotify filed a complaint against Apple in the Europian Union over the restrictive rules and tax imposed by Apple on the apps that are a part of Apple’s app store. Spotify mentioned in its complaint that the apps denying to pay the 30 per cent cut of in-app purchases are prohibited on Apple’s app store. Spotify termed this as an unfair practice because the Apple Music app has no restrictions which make the competition one-sided. Spotify has also alleged Apple from preventing the app to provide better user experience by discarding the app updates and restricting the app for the Apple watch.

On March 16, Apple responded to Spotify’s complaint on its Newsroom page. Previously Apple responded to claims in a very calm way but this reply was an outrageous one. Apple mentioned that the fee for the utilisation of secure in-app purchases is cut down from 30 per cent to 15 per cent after a year of use and the company was always on the front foot to help Spotify in Siri and Apple Watch related issues.

Apple concluded its statement by saying that They try their best to connect their users from Spotify by providing a convenient platform through which the users can download and update the app and Apple is a company, has invented a secure payment gateway which builds user’s faith in the in-app transactions. Further, it was mentioned that Spotify wants to keep all the benefits and 100 per cent of the revenue too which is not a fair deal as Spotify achieved the popularity because of the ecosystem created by the App Store and now when it comes to contributing to maintain that ecosystem, Spotify is denying to do so.

Just after Apple’s statement, Spotify backfired on the tech giant by saying that no monopolist says that they have done something wrong. It further mentioned that Spotify has filed a complaint because Apple is using unfair means to compete and the steps taken by Apple for the in-app purchases are violating the law. Spotify has created a website too and named as Time to Play Fair, which has all the information about all the steps taken by Apple to restrict Spotify’s growth. You can visit the website through this link

Home page of the Time to Play Fair website

By the situation, it is expected that Apple is not going to take the complaint lightly and both the companies are going to have a war in the courtroom and as well as a word war through different sources of media too.

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