Apple will use cheaper and less complex components for its upcoming iPhone 12 series, to help balance the cost due to the usage of 5G hardware, according to Ming-Chi Kuo , Apple analyst via AppleInsider. In the report, Kuo said that Apple is putting “higher bargaining pressure” suppliers for cheaper parts.

He also stated that the better board is an area that will see the biggest cost trimming due to the pressure. The iPhone 12 battery board will cost 40-50 per cent cheaper when compared to its equivalent inside of the iPhone 11 series.

This cost trimming is required due to the use of the sub-6GHz 5G technology, which is set to increase the cost of manufacturing by around $75 to $85 (approximately Rs 5,600 to Rs 6,300). Apart from this, the millimetre wave chips would cost the company another $125-$135 (approximately Rs 9,300 to Rs 10,100).

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Apple is also said to make a similar move with its third-generation AirPods, leaving the second-generation Air Pods battery PCB for a system-in-package design. This will help the company reduce the cost of its truly wireless earphones. The company is expected to launch its third-generation Air Pods in the first half of 2021.

 Apple recently announced a delay in the launch of its upcoming iPhones. However,the company did not provide a reason behind the delay but various reports suggest that the delay has taken place due to the current COVID-19 situation, because of which engineers were unable to visit China to approve the designs and the products.

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