Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp have become inaccessible as the users are completely unable to login, posting pictures or viewing posts. The issue is badly affecting the users in the United Kingdom (UK), northern Europe, the east coast of the United States (US) and a few parts of South America. No official reason is provided by the authorities for the issue but it is expected that there must be some technical issues that’s why things are taking so much time.

At this point of time, all the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users are using Twitter as a medium to show their rage. As per a website, the problem started at 2:00 PM on July 3, 2019, and around 86 per cent of the people who are active on these sites are unable to scroll their newsfeeds and people are also unable to post pictures. People showed their anger on Twitter as they knew that it’s for the second or third time in the month that Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp are down due to technical issues. Facebook officials have given a statement that they are unaware of the issue. A company spokesperson said that they are aware of the fact that people are having issues in posting pictures, videos and other sorts of files. They concluded there statement by saying that they are working to resolve the issue and will get to a solution as soon as possible. 

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