In its latest updates, WhatsApp may not remove its old features as they make the interface of the app simple but it is definitely going to add up some new and important features to the instant messaging app. WhatsApp is solely concentrating on optimizing the app to make it more user-friendly by allowing the users to share photos and videos easily. Here are some of the top upcoming features which will be introduced in the upcoming updates of WhatsApp.

Dark mode:

With the smartphones having the latest version od android which is Android 10, WhatsApp is going to introduce the Dark Mode for its users very soon. The dark theme was a part of some old versions of the WhatsApp Beta versions but is still not made its debut in the stable versions of the app.


WhatsApp has confirmed that it is going to roll out the much-awaited WhatsApp service in India by the end of the year. As same as other UPI platforms, WhatsApp Pay is currently available in India for a selected number of users in India as a part of the beta test. WhatsApp Pay is said to give a tough competition to apps like Google Pay and Paytm.


Apple introduced the concept of Memoji last year, it is basically a new form of animoji that users can create and customize as they prefer. WhatsApp will finally adopt the concept of memojis in its future updates but the feature will only be available for the iPhone users of WhatsApp.


If you love looping videos then you can do it on WhatsApp soon as you do it on Instagram. As spotted in one of the recent beta versions of WhatsApp, the instant messaging app will allow the users to create less than seven-second videos. User will be able to share their boomerang videos as a status update or directly to their friends. The feature will be first introduced for the iOS users and after that, it will be introduced as Android users too.

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