Google June 2019 Broad Core Algorithm Update: Google has officially announced a Search Algorithm Update called Google June 2019 Broad Core Algorithm Update which will affect the millions of websites. The tech giant made the official announcement through a Tweet and saying the latest algorithm update will be rolled across Google’s all data centres. The last core update was released in March 2019. In it Google counsels, the company officials said that this Search Algorithm Update is about all updates and there is nothing to fix. The company added that the core search algorithm updates are not to targeting specific kinds of low-quality content but rather to improving the quality of relevance.

In the layman language, these Google Algorithm Updates are to improve how Google understands search queries, keywords searched, how Google understands web pages and to bring more relevant search results.

Some important points to consider about Google June 2019 Core Search Algorithm Update:

  1. Google’s official guidance is that there is nothing to fix.
  2. Such updates take a week to 10 days time to implement completely.
  3. Google’s Broad Core Updates do not target specific niches.
  4. Google official John Mueller said the Medic update was not targeting health-related websites that is why the algorithm needs an update.
  5. If someone says that the broad core update is targeting some particular website is mistaken and needs to understand the changes.
  6. Site quality is always an important thing for Google but it is not the only reason for algorithm to focus.
  7. He added that this broad core algorithm update is not just for site quality, but for the rest of important things too.
  8. If someone is trying to figure out why his/her website not ranking well, don’t approach it from the point of finding what to fix. Instead,
  9. it will be helpful to ask yourself why your site is not being viewed by Google anymore.
  10. It could be more productive to consider what’s more relevant about the sites that are ranking better.

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