Google Maps incognito mode: Google is going to introduce a new privacy features in the Google Maps, voice assistant services and Youtube with options consisting of automatic data deletion and incognito mode today, on October 4, Wednesday, 2019. Google has paced up to introduce a number of privacy features as the search engine and a few social media companies have suffered a lot due to negative criticism from the user and regulators worldwide on the way to handle users data.

The Google Maps incognito mode introduced will not save any maps activities performed by the user’s accounts. The data which will be not saved includes places searched by people. The drawback of using incognito mode is will be that the users will not get any sort of personalised recommendations.

Google has also introduced a brand new Password Checkup feature that informs the user that there account is compromised or if there password is weak, medium or strong. The Search giants also said that the company will be looking forward to introducing the auto-delete option to YouTube which will allow the users to set an alarm for a set time period after which the data present in viewing history can be erased automatically.

As per the reports have to say, Google is going to introduce an option to delete voice activity by verbal command. The system is going to work like when the user says HEY GOOGLE, delete what the last thing I said to you. The Incognito mode was a part of the Google Chrome browser and was very efficient as when one surfed the internet, Chrome never disclosed what is being searched in the incognito mode and this was a very good time to introduce the incognito in other Google app as users will now get a better, safe and private time.

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