Instagram Reels is a fine replacement for TikTok ever since it was banned in India alongside 58 other Chinese apps. There have already been Indian alternatives to TikTok such as Chingari but since Facebook and Instagram are already used by millions of people in India, Instagram Reels might be able to capture the userbase left behind in India.

A video made with Instagram Reels is called a Reel, here are the steps to start making them-

1. Launch Instagram on your phone and click on the camera icon at the top-left portion of the screen.

2. There will be several options to select at the bottom of the screen, Reels will be among them, open it.

3. You can start recording a Reel by tapping the white circle, you can stop recording with the same button. The maximum duration of a Reel is 15 seconds.

Also, To adjust the speed at which the video is recorded, users can use the icon which looks like a play button. Videos can be created in slow motion at a speed of as low as 0.3x or as high as 3.0x. Using Instagram Reels, users may sprinkle in a few effects by holding the smiley button with your finger and swiping onto the white circle used to start and stop recording. A whole array of effects will be displayed and you may choose whichever suits you best. The effect you chose will appear in the white circle and you may tap on it to start recording with the selected effect.

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Instagram Reels also enables users to set a timer of 3 seconds before it starts recording in order to get in position for their reel. Users just have to tap the timer icon on the left side, set the duration of the video (which can be of a duration of 0.1 seconds to 15 seconds), and tap on the Set Timer option to set the 3-second timer. Users can also add music to Reel by opening the Music icon on the left. Users can see the lyrics of any song and select the part of the song which they wish to use. And can add music before recording the Reel or can add it after recording it.

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