A problem with the recently released iPhone 12 mini touchscreen is being reported by buyers ever since it got released. The problem, persistent on the phone’s lock screen since its launch, prevents users from accessing the phone’s camera, flashlight and even swiping up to unlock the phone.

The phone’s users also reported that this inability to detect touches only occurs when the phone has a case and screen protector both equipped together. There has been no official response from Apple regarding any solution for the issue.

The Apple forum and Reddit, among others related to similar devices such as the Microsoft forum are rife with posts about this issue. Since the issue is with opening the flashlight, camera or unlocking the phone while on the lock screen, it has also been reported that touching the phone’s frame or camera lens seems to resolve the issue but they have to keep repeating this process. As such, users also wonder about it being a conductivity issue. The problem also does not occur when the phone is connected to a wall charger.

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There are no other problems with the iPhone 12 mini after the lock screen is dealt with. However, Apple has not addresed these complaints and offered no alternatives to putting on a screen protector or a case. Customers have been understandably dissatisfied with Apple giving no response.

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