Motorola Razr 2019: Motorola is going to debut in the market of foldable smartphones with their anticipated foldable smartphone Motorola Razr. Some of the latest leaks and renders of the smartphone has dropped hints about the software configuration of the smartphone. The smartphone is going to have two displays and the second display of Motorola’s foldable device will not have full permissions to utilise the Android experience after the device is folded. As per the reports, limited app cans be accessed from the flipped display of Motorola’s foldable phone.

Moto Display, Moto Camera and Moto Actions are the only apps having access to the flipped display of Motorola’s foldable smartphone. The reports further stated that the secondary or the flipped display of Motorola’s foldable smartphone will act as a trackpad for the purpose of scrolling. The screen will trigger Google Assistant while the smartphone screen is closed and display up to six tiles of Quick Settings. The Moto display app is also being tested which will feature a clock, show upcoming notifications and will allow the user to control media through the secondary display.

However, the Razr brand name or logo is nowhere mentioned on the foldable smartphone. It is assumed from the clamshell-like structure of the smartphone that it is going to be the 2019 Moto Razr.

Recently, Motorola was spotted filing a patent for a foldable smartphone with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). According to a US Journal, Motorola will launch its foldable smartphone by mid-2019 under the brand name Razr and the smartphone will cost around $1500.

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