New WhatsApp feature: WhatsApp recently unveiled a couple of new and effective features in its latest update. The new features have been added to WhatsApp under the v2.19.150 update and are now available for all the Android users. After updating the WhatsApp application, the users can access the new features which include Consecutive Voice Messages and Forwarding Information. At first, the feature was reportedly available in WhatsApp Beta for Android version 2.19.86 but now it has been made available for all the WhatsApp users using the latest beta version of the company’s Android app i.e. WhatsApp Beta for Android version 2.19.154.

Coming to the latest features being introduced to the instant messaging app will make the app more user-friendly and interactive. The Consecutive Voice Message will let the users listen to voice messages without any interruption. Earlier, the users had to tap on every single voice message that they had received to listen to it, however, WhatsApp has chopped off the procedure now.

The app will now let you go through every WhatsApp voice message and you don’t need to tap on every single message. The app will automatically play the voice messages that are sent in a row. However, the voice messages would be interrupted if a text message, emoji, video, sticker or a GIF is sent between them. 

The other feature, the Forwarding Information, has been introduced keeping the issue of fake news in mind. The feature lets users check how many times a message has been forwarded before it landed into his inbox. All that a user needs to do is first send the forwarded messages to someone in teh friend list. 

After sending the forwarded messages, select the message and click on the three-dot icon on the right selecting info. This will let you know how many times the message was forwarded before it came to you. Apart from the two, a series of other features have also been lined up to be released. 

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