Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Pakistan’s new censorship law irks tech giants: Google, Facebook, Twitter threaten to leave

The Asia Internet Coalition (AIC), which represents Facebook, Google and Twitter, have raised strong opposition to Pakistan's new social media censorship law, which aims to giving blanket power to authorities to censor digital content on social media.

Instagram rolls out ‘Branded Content Tag’ feature in Reels

Instagram has launched the branded content tag to Reels, and it will soon be launched to Live as well. Instagram is also launching a new workflow where advertisers will be able to create Branded Content ads without the need for them to post organically on Instagram first.

Twitter rolls out new feature ‘Fleets’; here’s everything you need to know

Twitter has got a new feature, called Fleets. The new tool will allow a user to write text, post photos, videos, or add earlier tweets into a little visual info-nugget that disappears after 24 hours. 

Google to roll out new settings for smart features and personalization

Google on Monday announced new settings for smart features and personalization in Gmail. Users will see a new setting for controlling whether their data in Gmail, Meet and Chat can be used to offer "smart" features.

HBO Max to debut on Amazon Fire TV devices from Nov 17

Amazon and HBO's owner WarnerMedia have cracked a deal to ensure that Amazon Fire TV streaming devices, Fire TV Edition smart TVs, and Fire tablets customers can load HBO Max directly on those devices from November 17

Jeff Bezos announces USD 791 aid to 16 groups fighting climate change

As a part of "Bezos Earth Fund", Jeff Bezos on Monday has announced USD 791 million grant to 16 organizations that are working towards protecting the environment and fighting climate change.

iPhone 12 mini users report unresponsive lockscreen, Apple yet to respond

iPhone 12 mini users reported the phone's inability to detect touches and they also said that it only occurs when the phone has a case and screen protector both equipped together. There has been no official response from Apple regarding any solution for the issue.

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