PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Event: Players Unknown Battle Ground or the PUBG Mobile is one of the most loved battle royale games of the world and India too. The battle royale game is hosting a Diwali Dhamaka Event via which all the players can grab exciting physical rewards and in-game items. The Diwali Dhamaka event started today and will continue till November 4, 2019. The PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Event will offer the users daily missions and the players will be required to complete these missions.

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Once the players complete the missions successfully, they will get Diwali Sparklers which will then after burst crackers. This will provide all the players with gift tokens which can be exchanged for in-game gift items. The in-game rewards include cricket costume, lobster set, kurta pajama set, future policemen set, crate coupons and M415 guns.

The PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Event will have three levels and for each level, there will be a fixed number of gifts hidden in 25 crakers set. All the players will be allowed to move to the next level once they collect the required number of tokens in a particular stage. Players who will complete all three levels successfully will either get a Diwali costume or an M416 skin. PUBG Mobile will also choose a few lucky winners for giving them physical rewards like Boat headphones, Oppo smartphones, t-shirts, caps, TVS Apache bikes and more.

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The PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Event started a day after the launch of the latest PUBG 0.15.0 Update. The latest update has brought some exciting gameplay modes like the Payload mode and the Halloween mode and the brand new BRDM vehicle-2 has been introduced in the game too. The latest update of PUBG Mobile has introduced new features like the ledge grab and graffiti which have increased the excitement of gameplay and are convenient for the users too. A new weapon known as the Damage Eagle has been introduced in the game too which is said to have the highest damage and muzzle velocity amongst all the pistols available in PUBG Mobile.

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