The Lite version of the Player Unknown Battle Grounds or PUBG Mobile has been launched in India and people are more than curious to get the Battle Royale game experience in a low powered device. As per the experience of the gamers who tested the PUBG Mobile game on low-end devices and here is what they want to say about the lite version of the game.

The game can easily run on devices with low RAM and storage memories, as per the testers, the game can be played smoothly on devices like Redmi Go without any glitch. The lite version of the game loads very early in comparison to the original version of the Player Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG) mobile. The lite version of the game seems to be specially created for the low powered devices but there are some disadvantages of the lite version also as in order to make the game smoothly run on low-end smartphones, the graphics of PUBG Mobile have been altered to a great extent and the lite version of the game now only supports 60 players in a match like the original version of the game supported 100 players in a match. The players can choose the Erangel map for now but the map is also a lowered down version of the original Erangel map. The locations like Pochinki and School have been removed from the map in place of them, new resembling locations have been used.

One of the most disappointing points is that in the lite version of PUBG has no Royale Pass instead of them the users will get a pass known as the winner’s pass which is working in the same way such as the Royale Pass. People are going to get a lot of new things like masks, parachutes, and outfits along with a Kar98 rifle. It should be noted by all the people that PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are two separate games and people will not be able to cross-play.

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