PUBG Mobile players need to know about different types of gips that suit their preferred weapon in order to improve their firepower and reduce the felt recoil of a rifle. PUBG is a game that consists of complex shooting mechanics and the grips enhance the players’ performance by reducing recoil. Since it is not effective to use any grip with any gun, just because it fits, PUBG Mobile players should know about the four types of grips – Half Grip, Thumb Grip, Vertical Grip, Light Grip and the type of gun they are using.

To take their game to a higher level, PUBG mobile players across the globe are required to choose the right weapon for the right range of combat. Since the PUBG Mobile players are evolving and improving you need to know about the perfect combat gear to match their skill set.

Half Grip
The half grip is considered as the most versatile as it allows a player to get better-aimed shots at the enemy by drastically reducing the gun recoil. Players who use steady weapons like the UMP9, AUG A3, and the Vector, can half grip to improve their firepower.

Thumb Grip
It is not true that the thumb grip is better than the vertical grip as claimed by many players. The thumb grip, which reduces recoil on a good scale, is a suitable attachment for scoped weapons. Thumb Grip is not as good as the vertical grip.

Vertical Grip
The Vertical Group is suitable for weapons like the Beryl M762 and the Tommy Gun. It offers good weapon stability during bursts.

Angled Grip
Angled Grip is a suitable match for SMGs and ARs because it makes a significant difference to the horizontal recoil when in steady state and offers better ADS speed.

Light Grip
Light Grip offers stable guns like the Vector or UMP9 good accuracy as the grip has the best weapon stability and it makes the weapon steadier. This is best used with DMRs like the SKS.

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