The immensely popular first-person shooter game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, popularly known as PUBG, has introduced a new update for the game wherein players can now grab onto ledges to hoist themselves up. This has enhanced the previously existing mobility offered to players by a large margin and allows for the feature of parkour in the game. 

The official website of PUBG announced the update five days ago, on June 19. This will update number 30 for the game and will introduce various other features as well as get rid of a number of bugs. Some of the new features being introduced are the Deagle gun, modeled after the powerful Desert Eagle handgun and a new vehicle called the BRDM-2. Alongside these, the new update will improve upon various things like the gas can and a new radio message feature.

Though there have been a plethora of improvements and new features, the most notable has been the ledge grab feature. This feature alone has revolutionized the navigation abilities of players on the PUBG maps. Previously, players were only allowed to jump, run and climb separately. Now, players can grab onto ledges while they are in the air. This allows them to jump from one building to another easily, making maneuverability improve exponentially. 

The official Twitter handle of PUBG on June 21 released a video showcasing this ledge grab feature in all its glory. This update has been introduced to test servers and will soon be released on main servers. Taking a look at previous update releases, this new update is estimated to be released after a week of the announcement. 

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