The Reliance industries, founded by business tycoon Mukesh Ambani, is all set to come up with Jio GigaFiber. The service will provide broadband Internet connectivity along with TV and landline phone to the subscribers on a very marginal amount of Rs 4500. The Jio GigaFiber is under the public testing phase and the company will soon launch the service officially. Over the months, there have been many speculations about the upcoming service and it is said that just like Jio cheap internet and calls, the company will come up with eye catchy offers for Jio GigaFiber. 

It’s going to be an all-optical cable affair, which means no old-fashioned cables wires will be involved and the services are going to be all wire less. It the leaks before the official release are to be believed then GigaFiber is more than just a broadband service. Jio Gigafiber will turn your house into a smart home having a wireless broadband, TV cable connection and a Landline service. 

Jio has always been relying on next-generation technologies for its telecom services and the same will happen with GigaFiber.

  1. The GigaFiber will run on the fiber optics network to ensure faster network speeds and no loss of network even in bad weather.
  2. Other operators rely on slow cables to provide network tp houses, Jio will make it all-optical cable affair which means no old fashioned cables will be involved.
  3. The GigaFiber service will ensure fast 100Mbps speeds on an average.
  4. Video streaming site Netflix always preffers GigaFiber as the operator with the highest streaming speeds in its Network ISP Speed Index.
  5. GigaFiber will offer dual-band Wi-Fi routers to ensure high speeds networks.
  6. And the best part is that the company will provide all this at a very cheap cost. 
  7. GigaFiber will also provide a TV facility with HD channels having higher resolution. The reports say that the company will charge Rs 600 per month for 600 TV channels.
  8.  The landline connection will enable free voice calls.
  9. If a customer is unable to afford the standard security deposit of Rs 4,500, the company will provide other offers plans with the security of Rs 2,500.
  10. This plan offers a single-band router and enforces a speed limit of 50Mbps.


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