Reliance Jio Fiber Welcome Offer: The much-awaited Reliance JioFiber is going to launch on September 5 and the company has already come up with a welcome offer. Reliance Jio Fiber will be offering a HD/4K LED TV to its selected customers who sign up for the broadband service.

Reliance JioFibre is said to be the cheapest broadband service in India as the minimum price of the plans offered will start from Rs 700 per month and will go up to Rs 10,000. By purchasing the Rs 700 data plan, customers would be able to enjoy a minimum speed of 100 Mbps and the speed will go up to 1Gbps as per the rates of the plans.

Jio Fiber Welcome offer will give a free 4K LED TV along with a 4K set-top to the customers who opt for the annual Jio-forever plans. Once you opt for this Jio-forever plans you will have to pay the total amount in one go for the whole year.

As per the previous announcement, Reliance Jio has not yet announced its individual plans and prices for the JioFibre broadband services.

Reliance JioFibre service was announced at the 42nd Annual General Meeting. With its announcement to enter into the market, it has created a lot of buzz and headache for the competitors.

The minimum speed for Reliance JioFibre is 100 Mbps at Rs 700 while the minimum speed of BSNL Bharat Fiber plan is 50 Mbps at Rs 777 and 100 Mbps speed at Rs 799 for Airtel V-Fiber broadband plans.

Jio started the FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) service last year at the 41 st AGM (Annual General Meeting) and now it is ready to enter the market and give a tough competition to Airtel V-Fibre, BSNL, and ACT Fibernet.

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