Jio Saarthi: Reliance Jio recently launched a new in-app digital assistant Jio Saarthi to make digital transactions easier and safe for smartphone users. Jio users are the ones who can access the app Jio Saarthi. As per the official report, the purpose of to launch this Jio Saarthi app is to promote digital purchases and help the users to make them more accessible and in a secure way. Jio Saarthi is expected to be available from tomorrow.

What is Jio Saarthi?

Jio Saarthi is going to run exactly the same way as MyJioapp does, the additional feature added in Jio Saarthi is, that the users can locate payment details and moreover, use their credit and debit card to make online payments. In an initial stage, Jio Saarthi is going to run only in 2 languages which are  English and Hindi, but some officials of RelianceJio confirmed that in the upcoming months the app to be run in 12 regional languages. Reliance Jio has another application under their belt that can be accessible by Jio users only who haven’t yet done any online recharge.

How to use Jio Saarthi?

Jio Saarthi is expected to become available from tomorrow. Here are some steps to use this app

1) Firstly,  the user must have the latest version of MyJio app on their smartphones.

2) Secondly, When the customer taps on the Recharge button they will see a floating icon, and eventually, the user starts receiving voice-based directions for digital recharge.

3) Jio Saarthi helps the users to choose a suitable plan according to their needs and then make the payment for their selected plans in an easy and secure way. You can use Credit and Debit card to make their payments.

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