Samsung Galaxy Fold found to have major screen damage issues: One of the much awaited and world’s first foldable smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Fold has created a lot of hype among the masses. The foldable design of the Samsung Galaxy Fold allows you to convert the 7.3-inch display screen of the smartphone into a 4.6-inch compact smartphone. All the reviewers and the major YouTubers received the review units of the smartphone and they all found some serious issues in the display of the smartphone. Only after a couple of days of the testing, a bulge appeared in the smartphone near the screen and the hinge. Some major issues occurred when the testers removed the protective film on the screen. However, the layer was not meant to be removed, Samsung was unable to convey a point so important for the masses in the packaging of the smartphone. Depending on the angle one is viewing the internal screen, a dividing line is clearly visible, the people will soon get used to it as they got familiar with the notch display.

A Samsung official stated that a limited number of Galaxy Fold smartphones were provided to Media for review. He added that they have received a few reports regarding the main display on the samples provided for reviewing. He concluded his statement by saying that they will inspect all the damaged units and look into the matter.

A few reviewers reported that if they are removing the top layer of the screen then the screen is also getting damaged. The main display of the Galaxy Fold sports a top protective which is a part of the display too and is designed in order to protect the screen from scratches and damages. Adding adhesives or removing the protective layer may cause damage to the display of the smartphone too.

People all over the world are eagerly waiting to experience the latest generation of smartphones, the foldable ones. This can be heartbreaking news for many of them who eagerly waiting for the public launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Companies like ZTE and Huawei who are on the way with their foldable smartphones are likely to face the same issue.

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