Spotify Latest Update: Spotify, one of the most famous music streaming app, which was started in 2006 has removed its home screen widget from Android devices. Android users had an option of bundling all the songs in the form of a widget and use it as a mini-application and could operate from the home screen itself. This mini-application is going to disappear in the latest update of Spotify. The widget lets you control the songs without even opening the main Spotify application but the latest update is getting rid of it. Apart from that, a new service of podcast has been introduced for podcasters.

Spotify broke this news on its community forum stating that the Android widget will be disappearing in its latest update so if you are an Android user, then it is very disheartening for you because now you need to depend on lock screen controls or the widget in the notification bar. Spotify did not mention any clarity as to why this feature is going to be removed from the application.

This move by Spotify gained a lot of mixed reaction by people in its comments section and some people even wrote personal notes on their official website, they all are demanding to bring this feature back on the platform. After a series of mixed reactions, Spotify asked the users to vote if they want it to come back, Currently there are more than 5500 votes to get the feature back on the platform, however, the status of the feature is still ‘Not Right Now’.So let’s wait and watch whether the feature comes back or not.

Recent Spotify news says that the company recently introduced ‘Spotify for Podcasters’ feature in which we can analyze the dashboard for podcasters to look after listening times, episode streams, and total number of listeners for their podcasts. If you are interested you can simply sign-up as the platform is open for the interested users to access the data about their podcasts on Spotify.

According to reports, Spotify is testing a new ‘Favourite device’ feature for a speaker which will have a support of Spotify Connect. You can set your smart speaker as a Favourite device, this will stimulate you to connect the phone with your speaker as you come near your speaker. Recently only one speaker at a time can be set as Favourite device’, now let’s wait and watch how they update this feature in the coming future.

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