One of the alternatives to PUBG Mobile, FAU-G, has been in the media and the public’s eye right from the time it was announced, thanks to a variety of reasons. The gaming community had mixed reactions to the game, with a lot of gamers criticising it, and some commentators calling the game “lacklustre, incomplete ” and “boring ”.

A lot of people on social media have also berated the game in the past for supposedly disrespecting the Indian forces, so much so that “FauGdisrespectsIndianForces” has trended on Twitter in the past.

Earlier in February, a retired armed forces officer had written for The Indian Express about how games like FAU-G use “jingoism and national pride” to “earn money ”. The game, which currently has a rating of 3.2 on the GooglePlayStore, is developed by nCore Games, founded by entrepreneur Vishal Gondal.

Gondal has recently also received multiple legal notices from gamers across the country after he is said to have referred to real money gaming as “gambling”.

Looks like FAU-G’s troubles are far from over. Earlier this week on Sunday, a lot of verified Twitter users commented on how games like FAU-G ought to be banned the way PUBG was because they could be a negative influence on children and the youth of the country.

Ramesh Bala, who tracks the entertainment industry and has over 5.3 lakh followers on Twitter, shared a video where Gondal is seen talking about how users can make in-app purchases for guns and swords in FAU-G.

Other Twitter users too chimed into the conversation.

With more people discussing how they felt games like FAU-G could adversely affect the future of India’s youth, “SavetheYouthBanFauG” started trending on Twitter. With over 2,000 tweets as more users joined the conversation, the hashtag was trending in the top 5 trends in India.