Twitter to introduce new Hide Replies feature: Twitter is often used professionally all over the world. But nowadays, few people are using it in a very unethical manner. On this account, Twitter is about to introduce a new feature, ‘Hide Replies’ which enables the users to hide replies to their tweets. This feature was unveiled in February 2019 and will go live in June. This is the first time when the original author can alter the replies to his tweets. Due to ‘Hide Replies’ the original author can hide some inappropriate replies or comment and also can remove them from the conversation view entirely. It will be an experiment on social media so can be tweaked on the basis of user’s feedback. As compared to Facebook which allows users to manipulate their comment box completely, Twitter’s new feature does not provide much control over replies posted by other users. In fact, ‘Hide Replies’ doesn’t really allow users to delete replies. The original author can only hide desired replies to make it hard to access by other users.

Providing this kind of authorization to users may lead to misuse to mute other’s opinions even when they are genuine. It is expected to believe that Twitter has just tried to put an effort to push people away from trolling others on the social platform. Twitter has written a blog on Tuesday, April 16, about how it dealt with abuse and spam on its platform without relying on users to report. Twitter has mentioned in the blog that their proactive team handled approximately 38% of the abusive content. On behalf of their team’s report, Twitter has temporarily blocked 100,000 accounts of people who were trying to create new accounts after they were already suspended during the first three months of 2019. Twitter says its response rate has grown 60% faster, thanks to the new in-app appeals.

The company informed that it will expand its review teams across the globe to help flag and burry abusive content. As the social networking giant says that it is using the same technology used to track spam to help flag abusive content on its platform. According to the blog, Twitter will improve the technology that helps it in reviewing content so that its teams can take action quickly. Twitter is also looking forward in order to remove the content that includes private information, threats and other forms of online abuse.

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