As the first Valentine’s Day of the decade beckons upon us, gone are the days where people just gift a bokeh of flowers. We live in a world where everything is powered by technology so it becomes even more logical to gift a gadget to your loved one. Here is a list of gadgets that you should consider gifting your better half. 


  1.  Apple iPhone 11: Apple’s phenom is a no brainer. It may be on the expensive side, but there is a reason it became the best selling premium smartphone in the last quarter of the last decade. It does everything right — from brilliant cameras, to Ferrari like speed in use to superb battery life. This phone is a jack of all and available in a bevvy of colours including ”red” if you want to make things super cheesy. Also, it helps that it is an iPhone because no-one says no to an iPhone. 

  2. AirPods Pro: Perhaps the snazziest true wireless earbuds in town, Apple’s AirPods Pro are just the best at what they do. The AirPods Pro can fit any type of ear because of the ear tips, they sound stellar because of the new drivers Apple has installed in them and now they have active noise cancellation. At the end of the day, AirPods brandished on anyone’s ear is a fashion statement which makes them a great gift. 

  3. Apple Watch Series 3: The Apple Watch is the best smartwatch in the world, however, it makes only sense if it is being gifted to an iPhone user. And if that’s the case, then the Apple Watch is perhaps the best Valentine’s Day gift you can give to your better half. Apart from it having the ability to act like a walkie-talkie you can also send iMessage directly to them. 

  4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: The Galaxy Watch Active actually looks more like a wristwatch than the Apple Watch and it works well with both iOS and Android smartphones. There are also a numerous number of watch faces for it which makes it even more customisable. 

  5. Xiaomi’s Redmi power bank: Perhaps the most thoughtful and pocket-friendly gift that you can give to your loved one is the new Xiaomi Redmi power bank. It has a sleek design coupled with a capacious 10,000mAH capacity. The best bit is that it supports USB-PD and has twin USB-A ports, one USB-C port and even micro-USB port. It covers all bases. 

  6. Dell XPS 13: Dell’s latest notebook is the ultimate balance between power, portability and design. It isn’t just sleek, this is a mean machine which is perfect for both work and play. It goes without saying this is more tuned to people who prefer Windows than macOS otherwise the rather overpriced alternative is the MacBook Air.

  7. Poco X2: If you’re looking at a shimmering new gadget to gift your loved one, then the Poco X2 could make for a great gift as a smartphone. It is powerful, it looks delicious in its matrix purple colour and its screen and cameras are quite delightful. 

  8. Amazon Echo Studio: The Echo Studio is simply put the best smart speaker around. It supports high fidelity audio which is loud, bassy and clear – while also working with a multitude of services like Apple Music and Amazon’s own Prime music. What’s even better is that Alexa is one of the best voice assistants around and unlike the HomePod by Apple it works with iOS and Android devices alike. 

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