Just after the Spotify made its debut in India, Youtube has also launched its new music streaming service. The Youtube Music, Youtube Originals and the Youtube Music App have been released in India. All the three services made their global debut in June 2018. As the name says, Youtube Music app is very different from the normal youtube app. Youtube Music app plays music even after getting minimised, unlike the Youtube app.

The Youtube Music app is personalised to a great extent. If one person selects an artist then they are going to get a lot of similar suggestions for the artists of the same genre. For example, If you add Arijit Singh, you start seeing Mithoon in the next row. This is one of the most attractive features of the app. The app is created using billions of users on Youtube. There is already a brilliant blend of Indian songs and playlists including a number of regional languages.

The users can straight away download the songs or just like the songs and create a playlist of liked songs. Creating a playlist is also an easy task on the app and one can stream the already created list in the Youtube Music app. There is also a recommendations engine that gives the user music suggestions based on the already listened songs and the searches made by the user.

In order to listen to ad-free music, users need to buy the subscription for the Youtube Music Premium. For the paid subscribers, an Offline Mixtape downloads up to 100 songs according to the user’s preference.

Youtube has also introduced its premium service including the original content in India. Earlier the service was called Youtube Red and it provides the user with ad-free playback access to youtube’s original movies and shows. At present, there are no big shows or movies to make anyone buy the subscription but Youtube will soon introduce some web series in order to make people buy the subscription. The subscription of the Youtube Music app costs Rs 99 like other music streaming apps including the Apple Music, Amazon Music, Gaana, Jio Saavn and Spotify. The subscription of the Youtube Premium app will cost Rs 129 for a month.

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