ZTE to launch a foldable phone with clamshell: Recently ZTE has filed a patent for its clamshell phone that will be half of the size of the regular phone when folded. The 6-inch bar-shaped phone will be converted into a 3-inch phone when folded. This elegant feature makes the smartphone a tough competition for other foldable smartphone producing companies. This year will be the year of foldable smartphones. Mobile manufacturers are trying hard to come up with the next big thing in the mobile space, and foldable phones might just be it.

ZTE is working on a foldable smartphone in order to compete with other companies like Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi. The phone was noticed when ZTE filed the patent application by World Intellectual Property office together with Let’s Go Digital. The phone will be quite similar to Lenovo’s owned Motorola Razr brand foldable concepts. The ZTE shows the foldable phone with a grappled design. The smartphone will be folded in the inward direction rather than the middle. The phone’s display looks shorter as compared to the other foldable phones.

The smartphone doesn’t have a selfie camera. As can be seen in the picture that there no cutout design on the front screen but it features a dual rear camera setup with LED flash. The circular holes of the microphones along with the charging port are situated at the bottom of the handset. The user can have the display notification, time and date and other details with opening the phone. ZTE’s smartphone can be a game-changing innovation in the era of foldable phones. The ZTE will soon remove the patent stage and become a real product.

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