Thursday, November 30, 2023

Woman Who Levelled Fabricated Gang Rape Charge, Arrested from Delhi

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Two days before the development, the police had detained three of the complaint woman’s conspiring partners. “Our Delhi-based police unit detained the woman. The woman was recently taken to GTB Hospital in Delhi, according to Nipun Agarwal, superintendent of police in Ghaziabad.

The police had previously said that the supposed case had been made up to blame the accused in a current property dispute.

The complainant’s three conspirators have been detained by police for their involvement in the plot.

“In a quarrel over a piece of property, Azad, a friend of the complainant woman, and two more conspirators, Gaurav and Afzal, arranged this (gang rape). They were all detained together.

The woman is also a part of the plot. Praveen Kumar, the Inspector General of Police for the Meerut region, promised that she will also face punishment.

“The victim was transferred to the hospital for medical care as soon as information about the occurrence was received at the Nandgram police station. In the case, three persons have been detained, according to IG Praveen Kumar.

The incident included a lady who was discovered in a pool of blood inside a jute bag after reportedly being kidnapped and subjected to two days of gang rape.

“Other items, including an automobile, have also been found. Additional inquiry is being conducted, said IG Praveen Kumar.

The woman’s report to the police allegedly contained information regarding the gang rape.

“Two days ago, we learned of the gang rape in which a lady had reported the crime. The rape victim claims that she knew all the accused, and it has now come to light that the two had a property dispute “Nipun Aggarwal, the City of Ghaziabad’s Superintendent of Police, had stated.

On September 16, the woman claimed that she was kidnapped as she was leaving a birthday celebration. She reported to the police two days of gang rape by five men in Ghaziabad.

SP Nipun had also added, “Five people—all of whom she knew—took her away and gang-raped her after her brother dropped her off. Four persons were detained, and an FIR was filed. They allegedly have a property issue, and the case is currently in court. All required steps are being taken by us.”

“A lady was discovered laying next to Ashram Road on October 18 and was reported to police in Nandgram, Uttar Pradesh. To the hospital they brought her. She arrived at her brother’s home in Nandgram, a Delhi resident, “Ghaziabad claimed SP.

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