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Business Tycoon Gautam Adani received USIBC Global Leadership Award 2022

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Gautam Adani received USIBC Global Leadership Award during Maximizing the Next 75 Years of US-India Prosperity summit held on September 7.

He received awards in the presence of Vice Chairman Nasdaq, Ed Knight Executive Vice President and Head of International affairs of US Chamber of Commerce, Myron Brilliant President of US India Business Council, Ambassador Atul Keshap and Distinguished Guests.

The theme of this summit was Maximizing the Next 75 Years of US-India Prosperity. “The role of the USIBC is a key in linking the voice of the industry with government policies”, stated Adani.

While addressing the summit’s subject, “There can be no disagreement that given the fast-evolving and new emerging global dynamics – the success of the partnership – between the two largest global democracies of India and the United States – will be one of the most defining relationships of this century,” Although there is strategic alignment, Adani thinks they can all do a lot more to be done in terms of ground implementation.

He further added, “Mutual understanding that free trade, openness, and integration into each other’s economies are necessary to provide the groundwork for the array of untapped opportunities will need to be a key component of this partnership. The geopolitical agreement is necessary, but it will be meaningless if it isn’t created on the basis of corporate ties. Without specific corporate goals, international collaboration would remain mostly stalled.”

According to Adani, the 150 billion dollars in current bilateral commerce between the US and India is but a drop in the bucket. There is still a lot to be done.

Adani recommended during the conclusion to discuss more on how industrialised countries might collaborate with underdeveloped countries in this area. One of the most lucrative industries over the coming decades can be the equitable cooling of the world.

Adani further said, “With the US climate bill becoming law, both of our nations must figure out a way to profit from this significant boost. Governments have played their bit; now it’s up to business to find ways to work together.”

A 70 billion dollar commitment has already been made to this project by the Adani Group. One of the most integrated green energy value chains in the world will be created by three gigafactories in India. This will include everything from polysilicon to solar modules, whole wind turbine production, including hydrogen electrolyzer production.

He also offered recommendations for the semiconductors, healthcare, defence, and cyber sectors.

By acting as the voice of business, connecting governments and corporations, and promoting long-term business alliances that will foster the spirit of entrepreneurship, create jobs, and successfully contribute to the global economy, the U.S.-India Business Council seeks to create an inclusive bilateral trade environment between India and the United States

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