The 1957 Lok Sabha election saw the Congress win 41 of the 53 seats. But the disaffection with Pt Nehru had started to seep in with both his former associates in the freedom struggle, JP and Acharya Kripalani, beating a new path with the Praja Socialist Party winning 2 seats in Bihar. The Praja Socialists came into being with the merger of JP’s Socialist Party and the Kisan Mazdoor Praja Party of Acharya Kripalani, who was the Congress president in 1947 when India became independent. Acharya Kripalani himself won the Sitamarhi seat.

The Jharkhand Party won 6 seats again underlining the demand for a nascent state that was not heeded until much later. The Chota Nagpur Santhal Parganas Janata Party won 3 seats. In 1957, only one independent won in the whole of Bihar and it was the much-heralded Minoo Masani, contesting as MR Masani, from Ranchi East. Masani was a redoubtable parliamentarian who was famous for his keen questions and a very sharp wit.

The state had 45 parliamentary constituencies and had room for 53 MPs, 33 constituencies were single seats, 8 constituencies had 2 seats each and 4 1-seat ST constituencies. The electorate had now grown to 1,95,14,567 voters. The voter turnout was marginally higher at 40.65 per cent. The number of candidates who forfeited their deposits grew from 67 in 1951 to 77 in 1957. The state saw 7 women candidates contest of whom 5 won their elections.

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