Maharashtra 5th Lok Sabha Elections 1971 Winners List: The Indian General Elections of 1971, were held one year prior to the normal five-year term of the government because of many reasons such as the formation of Bangladesh and the India-Pakistan war of 1971. This time again the Indian National Congress, the ruling party of that time was in good shape to win the elections once again and won with majority seats in Maharashtra. The 5th Lok Sabha Elections were held from March 1, 1971, to March 10, 1971.

The year 1971 was a very shaky period for Congress as the party got divided into Congress-R (the ruling wing) and Congress-O (the organizational wing) over the issue of electing V. V. Giri as the president of India after the sudden death of Zakir Hussain in 1969. 

During the 1971 Lok Sabha elections, there were 2.40 crore voters in Maharashtra and 59.94 per cent voting was registered in the state. In this election, 235 candidates contested for 45 seats in Maharashtra. In the fifth general election in Maharashtra, Congress won 42 seats out of 45, Praja Socialist Party won 1, followed by Forward Block- 1 and Republican Party of India won- 1 Lok Sabha seat. In addition, Congress had the highest 63.18 per cent votes in the state. Once again the Congress government was formed at the centre and Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister.

The outcome of the  Indian General Elections of 1971 (5th Lok Sabha) was a huge win for the ruling Congress, with 362 seats out of 520 elected seats in the House. The ruling Congress had a gain of 134 seats and that was enough to gather the 2/3rd  the majority in the House. 

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