5th Lok Sabha Elections Uttar Pradesh: After its partition in 1969, the INC (I) an INC (O) pitted against each other in 1971 general elections for the first time. In Uttar Pradesh, while a total of 4.58 crore voters were registered a total of 46.01 per cent voted in the 1971 Lok Sabha polls. With a clear mandate from people across the country in favour of INC (I), Indira Gandhi-led Congress formed the government at the Centre. The INC (O) won only 10 per cent of the vote and just 16 Lok Sabha seats, the INC (I), on the contrary, won 44% of the vote and 352 seats across the country. 

In Uttar Pradesh, a total of 543 candidates vied for 85 Lok Sabha seats in Uttar Pradesh. A new party also emerged in 1969, Indian Revolution Team (BKD), which won only 1 Lok Sabha seat during the 6th Lok Sabha elections. While the INC (I) won 73 seats in UP, the Jana Sangh won 4 seats while the CPI won 4 Lok Sabha seats in the Lok Sabha elections of 1971. The CPI in the elections had won 4 seats and Congress (O) got only 1 Lok Sabha constituency. In 1971 too, the INC won all the key constituencies in the state. 

Independent candidates were successful in winning 2 Lok Sabha seats. In the fifth general elections, the Congress got 48.54 per cent votes in the UP, 12.03 per cent for the Indian Kranti Dal, 12.23 per cent for the Jana Sangh, 8.60 for the Congress (O), 4.10 for the Joint Socialist Party and 3.70 per cent for the CPI. 

While the Indian National Congress (I) found its niche in politics, the future of INC (O) was still not confirmed. The party. After the Lok Sabha elections in 1977, INC(O) formally merged with the Bhartiya Lok Dal, Bharatiya Jan Sangh, Samajwadi Party and others to form the Janata Party.

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