Maharashtra 6th Lok Sabha Elections 1977 Winners List: The 6th Lok Sabha elections proved to be a turning point for India as for the very first time Congress was seen losing control over the government. The formation of the Janata alliance of parties resulted in the change of the ruling government and Congress party had to give up. Janata alliance of parties won the elections with 298 seats and Moraji Desai became the first non-Congress Prime Minister of India on March 24. This Lok Sabha election was historic as Congress has lost nearly 200 seats. Resulting in the loss for Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her powerful son Sanjay Gandhi both, the elections brought a strong opposition in the picture.

The 6th Lok Sabha elections were held right after the end of The Emergency which was imposed by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the year 1975. This was the major factor that affected the elections and resulted in the loss of votes for Congress. The opposition took advantage of the situation and stood for the people, demanding the restoration of democracy. All of the chaos created by the emergency made Indians feel that the 6th Lok Sabha Elections might be an opportunity to get free from the boundations of Emergency 1975.

Talking about Maharashtra, the Lok Sabha elections was fought for 48 constituencies. The battle of seats was fought by Janata Party + Allies and Congress majorly and the former won it. While Janata Party + Allies took away 28 constituencies, Congress managed to bag 20 seats in the elections 1977. In the state of Maharashtra, 42 constituencies were General type, 3 were SC type and 3 were ST type. In the year 1977, the electorate was 28856991 on total and the voter turnout was better than other years with a total of 60.31%. A total of 33689 polling stations were allotted for the 6th Lok Sabha elections in Maharashtra.

On total, Maharashtra voted 20 seats for INC, 3 for CPM, 19 for BLD, 5 for PWP and 1 seat for RPK. Interestingly, the women polling percentage in Maharashtra got better and touched 56.82%. Not just that, the teh performance of women candidates also improved as 3 women candidates got elected.

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