Narendra Modi exclusive News X India News interview: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an exclusive interview to India News-NewsX TV channels said the Opposition has focused on abusing Modi over the past few years, rather than focusing on their campaign and their work. The PM spoke at length on the aspects of the surgical strike, India’s foreign policy, the issues in the ongoing Lok Sabha polls and other major issues.

With the ongoing Lok Sabha elections 2019, polling in 483 constituencies are over now and voting is yet to be completed in 59 seats, but the BJP-led NDA, the Congress-led UPA and other opposition parties are still contesting across the country on a variety of issues.

Among the opposition, the slogan is that voters are voting for Modi primarily and the local BJP candidates after that, no matter if the candidate is deserving or not, the voters are voting in the name of Modi. In the interview when asked this question, Modi said the opposition has focused on abusing Modi rather than talking of the successful achievements of the BJP Government. He added the opposition just wants to talk about Modi hence it is being projected as only about Modi.

There was a high percentage of polling during the 2014 Modi wave which has not been borne out by the polling in the 2019 polls. Thousands of people were seen wearing Modi masks, saffron caps, and neck bands saying “I am also Chowkidar” gathered on the roadside and at the rally ground for a glimpse of the Prime Minister at a roadshow in Bhubaneswar.

Earlier this month, addressing a rally in Bhagalpur, Bihar, PM Modi attacked the Congress-led opposition saying the “mahamilavati gang” is scared that if he comes to power again, their “shops” of corruption and dynastic politics will shut down and by doing this, the opposition is trying to consolidate their votebank.

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