German Ambassador: Absence of Chinese and Russian Presidents Won’t Significantly Impact G20 Summit

8 September, 2023 | Anupam Shrivastava

German G20 Summit India 2023

German Ambassador Phillip Ackermann expressed support for India's initiative to grant permanent membership to the African Union within the G20, describing it as a commendable endeavor.

German Ambassador Philipp Ackermann has expressed that the absence of the Chinese President and the Russian President at this year’s G20 Summit in New Delhi will not significantly impact the proceedings. In an interview with a news agency, Ackermann noted that President Putin had also been absent from the previous Summit, which was somewhat anticipated.

However, he mentioned some surprises regarding President Xi Jinping’s non-attendance. Nevertheless, Ackermann emphasized that this is a G20+ meeting, highlighting that the presence of the Chinese Prime Minister, even in the absence of the President, remains significant and won’t substantially alter the Summit’s dynamics.

He further stressed the importance of not allowing one President’s non-attendance to overshadow the entire Summit, asserting that the Chinese Prime Minister serves as a capable representative of China, ensuring that China’s voice will be heard during the proceedings.

Additionally, Ackermann expressed support for India’s initiative to grant permanent membership to the African Union within the G20, describing it as a commendable endeavor. He highlighted Germany’s wholehearted support for India’s proposal and envisioned the African Union becoming a significant bloc within the G20, akin to the European Union.

The German Ambassador acknowledged India’s exceptional efforts in hosting the G20 Summit during a challenging period and praised the Indian presidency for elevating the G20 to a higher level. He expressed confidence that the G20 outcome statement would garner consent from most member states.

In closing, Ackermann commended India’s extraordinary efforts in hosting the G20 Leader’s Summit in New Delhi, with more than 30 heads of state, top European Union officials, invited guest countries, and heads of international organizations in attendance.

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