Sunday, December 3, 2023

Germany: 6 people killed in a shooting attack in Hamburg

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Six people were murdered and several more were injured in a shooting attack in Hamburg, northern Germany, according to DW News.

Hamburg police said in a tweet that a large-scale operation was underway in the Alsterdorf area. “#Aktuell there is a larger police operation in #Alsterdorf. We are currently examining the background and will provide more information here shortly,” tweeted Hamburg Police.

According to several media reports, the shooting took place at a Jehova’s Witness center on the Deelboge street.

“According to initial findings, a shot was fired in a church on Deelboge street in the #GrossBorstel district. Several people were seriously injured, some even fatally. We are on site with a large contingent of forces,” tweeted the police.

People in the area were warned to evacuate their homes while the operation was underway, according to DW News. So far, there is no accurate information on the crime’s motive. Further information is awaited.

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