Glasspower group announces Glasspower Recycling to process dry waste into recyclable metals, plastics, glass, paper

22 January, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Glasspower group has announced to recycle dry waste into recyclable metals, plastics, glass, paper. To support the cause, BW Businessworld Chairman Dr Anurag Batra announced "Recycling for a Greene...

‘Glasspower’ group is pleased to announce that we have ventured in to ‘Recycling’ with a brand name ‘Glasspower Recycling’ mainly focused on creating more of organised ‘Dry wast segregation system’ for processing dry waste to Metals, plastics, glass, paper and other items and offer clean recyclable material to manufacturers of respective items at a reasonable cost.

Mr Ashutosh Joshi , CEO of ‘Glasspower Recycling’ informed that mechanised and professional dry waste segregation is need of the hour and many good social initiatives creating awareness for waste segregation, reduce-reuse-recycle and a cleaner environment not able to make required impact as proper processing of dry waste is not happening to the extent it is required. ‘Glasspower Recycling’ is setting up their first ‘Dry waste segregation’ plant in north India which will come in to operation around September this year and similar plants will be replicated at various locations. He further added ‘we see a good future in this business , as a lot of dry waste material is lying everywhere and need to be processed for proper recycling.

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‘BW Businessworld’ has come forward to support this very much required initiative and together with ‘Glasspower Recycling’ an event BW Recycle World Presents ‘Recycling for a Greener Future – Conclave & Awards 2020’ has been announced to be held in the 2nd week of April this year. The event is being jointly organised by ‘BW-Businessworld’ and ‘Glasspower Recycling’ under ‘BW Recycle-World’ community.

Dr Anurag Batra, Chairman BW Businessworld & exchange4media Group & BW Businessworld will provide support this initiative which will have a positive social and environmental impact. The team quoted “Recycling being a very important issue, we are expecting renowned speakers, industry specialists, food and beverages industry experts, environmentalists and Educational institutes to participate in this event.”