Gruesome Triple Murder-Suicide in Bengaluru: Andhra Techie Kills Wife, 2 Daughters, Dies by Suicide

4 August, 2023 | Akshara Tyagi

Bengaluru Top News

A tragic incident in eastern Bengaluru led to the loss of a family of four, with 31-year-old software engineer Veerarjuna Vijay allegedly taking the lives of his wife and their two daughters.

According to authorities, a tragic incident unfolded in eastern Bengaluru, resulting in the loss of an entire family of four due to a disturbing murder-suicide. The primary suspect in this harrowing event is a 31-year-old software engineer named Veerarjuna Vijay. Allegedly, he took the lives of his 29-year-old wife Hemavathi and their two young daughters, one of whom was only eight months old, before ultimately ending his own life.

Law enforcement’s preliminary findings suggest that Vijay likely strangled his wife Hemavathi and their daughters, Moksha Meghanayana, aged 2, and the eight-month-old Shrusti Sunayana, before taking his own life through hanging. The unfortunate incident is believed to have occurred sometime after the evening of July 31, which was the last occasion when the family had any contact with others via phone.

Originally from the Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh, the family had relocated to Bengaluru three years ago. The couple, married for a span of six years, has left behind a tragic and heartbreaking situation that has deeply affected the community.

Vijay was employed at Eurofins, a company with its offices situated in ITPL, Whitefield, while Hemavathi fulfilled the role of a homemaker. The reason behind the tragic murder-suicide remains cloaked in uncertainty, as no suicide note has been discovered, and those close to the family, including relatives and neighbors, appear unaware of the events that led to this dire situation.

Despite conducting inquiries into common factors such as marital discord, health problems, and financial difficulties, the authorities have thus far been unable to uncover any substantial leads.

Hemavathi’s younger brother, Sai Prasad, who resides in Andhra Pradesh, grew concerned when he received no response to his calls and messages from her for consecutive two days. He traveled to Bengaluru on a Thursday morning, only to find his sister’s residence at Sai Gardens, Seegehalli, securely locked.

An overwhelming odor emanated from within the house, heightening the neighbors’ worry as well. Upon forcibly entering the premises, the distressing discovery was made all four bodies were in an advanced state of decomposition.

According to investigating officers two mobile phones and an equal number of laptops have been recovered and sent for further scrutiny. It is also noted that the crime scene indicated that Veerarjun had allegedly strangled his wife and two daughters using his hands before ultimately hanging himself. And further investigation is being followed

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