Gyanvapi Masjid to be surveyed for the third day in a row

16 May, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

Today is the third consecutive day of survey work at Varanasi's Gyanvapi Masjid complex. The survey work at the mosque complex could not be finished on Sunday.

According to reports, 80 per cent of the survey work has been finished, with the remaining 20% scheduled to be completed today. Today’s survey work will take place from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m

During the assessment on Sunday, some debris was discovered within the mosque, according to information gathered from sources. Apart from the southern and northern portions, which were cleaned.

The remaining western wall and the upper portion of the mosque were also surveyed. Three chambers were examined, each with sculpted domes. Every corner of the campus was photographed during this time.

On Sunday, the mosque’s grounds were videotaped under heavy surveillance. Gyanvapi Mosque’s west wall, as well as the prayer area and roof, were all examined. The commission’s proceedings were held in a calm and friendly setting. Swastika and tridents were allegedly found carved on the walls, according to a survey conducted on Saturday. Commissioner A Satish Ganesh of Varanasi has ordered social media monitoring.

The survey report, according to lawyer Vishal Singh, is confidential and cannot be shared. Will the survey be finished today or tomorrow? Vishal Singh responded by saying, “Let’s see how much work is done.” The court has ordered that the survey be completed by the 17th.

It is still unclear what has been discovered in this survey thus far. However, the speculation market is booming. The police are closely monitoring social media. On Sunday, security was tighter than on Saturday.