Thursday, November 30, 2023

Israel PM Netanyahu compares Hamas attack to Holocaust

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, addressing the ongoing Israel-Hamas war alongside French President Emmanuel Macron, drew a parallel between the Hamas attack on October 7 and the Holocaust. In his speech, he referred to historical tragedies like Babyn Yar and Anne Frank to highlight the atrocities committed.

“On October 7, Hamas waged war on Israel. It was the worst terrorist attack the world has known since 9/11, but for Israel, proportionately, it was like twenty 9/11s. It was the worst act of anti-Semitic violence since the holocaust” Benjamin Netanyahu said.

“It’s impossible to describe all of the horrors, but like Anne Frank, Jewish children hid in attics from these monsters, and they were found and butchered. As in Babi Yar, Jews were machine-gunned” he added.

“Hamas butchered, Hamas beheaded Hamas burned babies alive. Hamas raped, Hamas kidnapped – hostages, over 200 – babies, children, elderly, Holocaust survivors. We are in a war between barbarism and civilization” Netanyahu added. Further Netayahu withstand Hamas’s actions pose a threat not only to Jews but also to the Middle East, Europe, and world at large. Netanyahu also branded Gaza as “an enclave of ISIS”

He said, “We are committed to taking all necessary measures to dismantle Hamas in Gaza, including its terror infrastructure and political apparatus. Our priority is to secure the release of our hostages and minimize harm to Palestinian civilians.”

Netanyahu emphasized the primary objective of the conflict as the destruction of Hamas. “Hamas must be destroyed,” he said.

Netanyahu also threatened that his country’s military will “destroy Hamas”, and once the war is over no one will have to live “under Hamas’s tyranny”.

Meanwhile Macron also added that terrorism is the “common enemy” of Israel and France.

“You are not alone,” the French President said.

“I propose the coalition against Islamic State ISIL-ISIS also fight Hamas. France is ready for the international coalition against Daesh – in which we are taking part for operations in Iraq and Syria – to also fight against Hamas,” said Macron.

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