Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Hamas’ war crimes visible from outer space, per Israel Defense Forces

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Amid the ongoing conflict with Hamas, the Israel Defence Forces stated that the terrorist group’s willingness to commit war crimes is observable even from outer space. Using satellite images posted on X, the IDF demonstrated the impact of Hamas’s attacks on October 7, emphasizing their commitment to dismantling Hamas’ terrorist infrastructure and weapon production in Gaza.

A video shared on the platform showcased a portion of the weaponry confiscated from Hamas, revealing their extensive preparations for sustained operations in civilian areas. Highlighting the gravity of the situation, IDF spokesperson Jonathan Conricus suggested that a recent strike on a convoy in the Gaza Strip might have been orchestrated by Hamas as a false flag operation.

In response to continued aggression, the IDF launched strikes on Hezbollah’s military infrastructure in Lebanon following rocket attacks from the Lebanese border. The Times of Israel reported one civilian casualty from the missile attack on an Israeli town. Furthermore, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged Hamas to release hostages unconditionally and requested Israel to provide unimpeded humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza, emphasizing the critical humanitarian situation in the region.

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