Friday, December 1, 2023

One miscreant injured in a Hapur encounter, arrested

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According to police, one miscreant was captured after being injured in a confrontation with officers in Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur early Wednesday morning.

The incident occurred during a police check on the Modinagar road, when two miscreants opened fire on the police force. According to the police, one of the two miscreants was injured while the other managed to leave.

Deepak, a resident of Delhi’s Govindpur, was among those hurt. “The Hapur Police were doing inspections on the Modinagar route. Two suspected miscreants shot at the police party and fled, prompting the police to respond in self-defense, wounding one of the miscreants and allowing the other to leave.”

Deepak, a resident of Govindpur Delhi, has been identified as the injured miscreant,” police added.

The injured miscreant was found with a weapon, two rounds, and a motorbike.

“He is a thief. More than 100 charges have already been filed against him,” police stated.

“Police station Hapur Nagar #hapurpolice apprehended a cruel miscreant in a wounded state following a police encounter during checking, from whose possession illegal weaponry and a Splendor bike with no number,” the Hapur Police tweeted. An investigation into the situation is now ongoing.

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