Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Harish Rawat, Uttarakhand Congress leaders called to Delhi amid rising tensions

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Amid the escalation of tensions in Uttarakhand Congress, party veteran Harish Rawat along with other top leaders of the Congress’ state unit is scheduled to arrive in Delhi today to meet the party High Command. Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader Pritam Singh, Uttarakhand Congress chief Ganesh Godiyal and party leader Yashpal Arya will accompany Rawat to Delhi. The meeting holds significance following Harish Rawat’s veiled attack on the Congress leadership on Wednesday saying “nominees of those on whose directions one has to swim (in the electoral battle) are tying my hands and feet”. Rawat through his tweets on Wednesday had expressed anguish at the factionalism in the state unit and noted that thought has been crossing his mind that “it is time to rest”.

“Isn’t it strange, one has to swim in the sea in the form of the forthcoming electoral battle, instead of cooperation, the organisational structure at most places is turning its face away or is playing a negative role,” said Rawat in a tweet.
“There are many crocodiles of the ruling dispensation. On whose directions one has to swim, their nominees are tying my hands and feet,” he added. Rawat also cited lines associated with Gita. “And then quietly in a corner of my mind, a voice is erupting, ‘na denyam, na palaynam’ (one who does not bow or flee). Perhaps the new year will show the way. I have faith that Lord Kedarnath will provide me guidance in this situation,” he said.

Rawat, a member of the Congress Working Committee, is a key Congress troubleshooter and is seen as the party’s face for the elections in Uttarakhand. The Congress is keen to come back to power in Uttarakhand in assembly polls early next year. Rawat is apparently keen to be projected as the chief ministerial candidate in the state. However, party leaders have so far said that the polls will be held under “collective leadership”. Assembly polls in Uttarakhand are due for early next year. 

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