Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Haryana: STF arrests wanted criminal involved in 3 cases

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According to sources, the apprehended suspect and his gang abducted the driver of a truck owned by DBG Technology, Pvt. Ltd. that was transporting mobile phones worth Rs 5 crores close to the Kasola Police Station in Rewari. Since a case was filed against him at the Kasola Authorities Station, the criminal was reportedly at large, according to the police.

Notably, the Tonk Police Station in Madhya Pradesh has three charges against the accused in distinct instances made against them between 2017 and 2022.

The Dharuhera Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) will receive the apprehended individual, the police said.

There are further studies under progress.

Six persons were detained by the Special Task Force of the Haryana Police earlier in July on suspicion of making extortion calls and making death threats to MLAs.

Between June 24 and June 28, four state MLAs reported receiving extortion and murder threats from various phone numbers that were linked to Middle Eastern nations, according to the police.

DGP Haryana PK Agrawal, IPS, assigned STF(H) to look into FIRs that had been filed regarding these threats.

“These mobiles’ technical investigation has proven that the numbers in question are registered in Middle Eastern nations and were being used out of Pakistan. These phones have also sent similar threats to a few ex-MLAs from Punjab. During these interactions with these MLAs, a variety of tones and conversational styles, including a Mumbaikar tone and Punjabi language, “the Punjab Police stated.

PK Agrawal, IPS, DGP Haryana, personally oversaw and monitored the two-week operation.

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