Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Three more held for assaulting constable inside Anand Vihar police station

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Delhi Police on Monday made three further arrests in relation to a video that went viral showing a police officer being attacked by a mob inside a police station.

The names of the three defendants are Dinesh Kumar (38), Keshav (24), and Pradeep (27). Additionally, police placed attorney Satish Kumar on a one-day remand. One of the suspects, Satish, was taken into custody on Saturday.

In a widely shared video, a group of 10 to 12 individuals are seen surrounding a police officer and beating him up while other bystanders record the incident on their phones.

The reason the officer was being attacked was not made obvious in the footage, though. The officer is shown pleading with the crowd for their pardon while they continue to beat him.

According to Delhi Police, during the night of July 30-31 in between, a PCR call was made about a woman who had been physically assaulted and had her gold chain broken in the Karkardooma area of Anand Vihar police station. Ajay and Anchal Bakshi were the persons involved, according to the police.

Delhi Police further stated that Ajay was discovered to be inebriated and was taken from the scene and transferred to Anand Vihar police station. After then, a number of individuals—among them Ajay’s brother Satish Choudary—came to the police station and made an effort to agitate the officers there.

Head Constable Prakash allegedly suffered an assault after being mobbed by a group of persons, according to the Delhi Police. According to the police, several of the group members also recorded the incident on film and shared it with the others afterward.

The injured police personnel was quickly examined medically by police, who also provided counseling.

According to Shahdara R. Sathiya Sundaram, deputy commissioner of police “All of the suspected parties are the subject of legal proceedings under the relevant laws. Teams are sent out to locate and capture each suspected individual.

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