Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Arms & ammunition dropped by Pakistani drone recovered in Jammu

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In the hamlet of Toph, close to international border, Jammu and Kashmir Police found weapons and ammunition that had been dropped there by a Pakistani drone.

According to the authorities, a file was opened at the Arnia police station on February 24, 2022, involving recovery of weapons and ammo dropped by a Pakistani drone. The principal operative of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Al Badr, Mohd Ali Hussain alias Qasim, a Pakistani prisoner/handler and alleged Jammu resident, was revealed to have been responsible for drone drops. Following his release from custody, he was summoned before the court and placed on police remand.

A police squad and the relevant magistrate each made their way to the scene in order to retrieve the firearms.

Mukesh Singh, additional director general of police (ADGP), said “Despite no recovery being made at the first location, a package containing weapons, ammo, and explosives was discovered at the second location in Toph village (close to the International Border) in the Phallian Mandal region. The accused assaulted a police officer and took his service gun while the parcel was being opened. He attempted to depart the scene while firing at the police party.”

“The offender was transferred to the government medical college in Jammu together with a wounded police officer as revenge for his injuries. Later, the wounded terrorist passed away from his wounds ” official further added.

Bomb disposal unit then assisted in inspecting the dropped parcel. The envelope contained an AK rifle, magazines, 40 AK rounds, a star pistol, pistol bullets, and Chinese tiny grenades.

However, the inquiry is under progress.

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