Wednesday, September 28, 2022

China backs out of its vow to not send soldiers to Taiwan if it seizes the island

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The Chinese military declared on Wednesday that it has “finished different missions” in the area near Taiwan but will still perform routine patrols. This might indicate that days of war simulations are coming to an end, but Beijing will continue to exert pressure on the island.

The drills last week featured ballistic missile launches, some of which passed over Taipei, the island’s capital, as well as simulated naval and air strikes in the nearby skies and oceans.

The People’s Liberation Army’s Eastern Theatre Command stated in a brief statement that its combined military operations in the area of Taiwan had “effectively tested the integrated fighting capabilities of the forces” and “successfully achieved different duties.”

The statement said, “Theatre troops will steadfastly safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity while keeping a close eye on developments in the situation in the Taiwan Strait.” They will also keep up their combat training and preparedness drills.

Responding to China’s assertion that combat preparedness would not be relaxed, Sun Li-fang, a spokesperson for the Taiwanese Defense Ministry, said Taipei will “completely adapt the allocation of forces based on circumstances such as the enemy threat.”

A person informed of the situation earlier on Wednesday told a news agency that Chinese naval ships were present both off Taiwan’s east and west shores.

According to the source, Chinese fighter planes and the Chinese navy were still operating close to the median line, which serves as an informal delineation in the Taiwan Strait.

According to the source, Taiwan has sent ships and aircraft to the region to monitor the situation.
China maintains that its ties with Taiwan are an internal concern and that it reserves the right, if necessary, to use force to annex the island. Taiwan disputes China’s assertions and maintains that only the inhabitants of the island have the power to choose its destiny.

According to a Pentagon spokesman on Monday, Washington was standing by its prediction that China will not attempt to invade Taiwan in the next two years.

When China continued its “incursions” close, Taiwan’s defence ministry said its military was “at the ready, keeping our nation secure” and published a video of military drills on Wednesday.

According to the ministry, Taiwanese troops are maintaining “24-hour guard duty” at their positions and have raised their awareness level following the directives of “protecting the median line, defending territorial seas, and defending the sovereignty” to preserve the status quo.

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