Thursday, September 29, 2022

India reports 7,219 new COVID cases in last 24 hours

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India reported 7,219 new cases on the previous day, according to information sent on Saturday to the Ministry of Health and Family Affairs.

56,745 instances are now active in India, which represents 0.13 percent of all cases. At the moment, the recovery rate is 98.68%. The number of recoveries increased to 9,651 on the previous day, bringing the total to 4,38,65,016.

The government said that more than 201.88 crore vaccinations have already been given out as part of the statewide COVID-19 immunisation campaign.

The Union Government is dedicated to stepping up and broadening the COVID-19 immunisation programme nationwide.

Earlier on January 16, 2021, the countrywide COVID-19 immunisation campaign began. On June 21, 2021, the next phase of COVID-19 vaccine universalism began. The availability of more vaccinations, improved visibility of vaccine availability to States and UTs to enable better planning by them, and simplification of the vaccine supply chain have all increased the vaccination effort.

The Government of India has been assisting the States and UTs by giving them free COVID vaccines as part of the national immunisation push. The Union Government will purchase and provide (free of charge) to States and UTs 75% of the vaccinations being manufactured by the country’s vaccine producers as part of the next phase of the COVID19 immunisation push.

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